Nov 1, 2011

Installing Operamini Browser on GT-C3222

Sometimes we can not view full website using default mobile phone browser. But operamini offer it's user to surf the web on mobile devices as easily as on a desktop computer.
If we tend to use this web browser to our Samsung chat 322, we can choose the operamini version 4.4 or 5.1.

Samsung GT-C3222 (Chat 322) need .jar file application to be installed. When installing operamini by download it directly through the phone browser may not work when we only download .jad file.
To get over this problem we can try to download it trough PC and then copy it into SD card.
After all we can put the SD card on the phone then install the application.

How to download operamini for Samsung Chat 322 trough PC?
Here we go to this link :
Download Operamini

Choose version Operamini 4.4 or 5.1 and download .jar file
Copy the file into SD card and install it on the phone.
If you have problem with wrong keypad recognition when typing on address bar just pres "alt + sym" key simultaneously then type again.


version Operamini 4.3 and download .jar file IS NOT AVAILABLE IN THE LIST.......


@Ahmed Jutt,. Thanks for your comment. I've tried the version 4.4 and 5.1 it was work fine on Chat3222. Just problem with the keypad wrong recognition when entering url at address bar but all we have to do is just press the "alt + sym" .

please help me out
in my samsung gt-c3222, it didn't worked...
I tried to install it but it said "Downloaded JAR are invalid"
please help me.... :(

@Mridul Haldar , i guess you downloaded it directly through your C3222. I'd better you try download it through PC then copy it into SD card then install it.

Same problem is with me also
i have downloaded from pc and saved on sd n wen i try to install its say "Downloaded JAR are invalid" please help me
samsung chat 322

no, I did as u said..
but still its not working.. :(
can my mobile phone's software be updated or java can b repaired??

If the problem persist even you have installed it from sd card it could be problem with the phone's software. And to solve this is by updating the software to the newest version.

Alhamdulillah.. its works.. :) thx a lot yaa.. ^.^

whenever i download a jar app for my samsung chat 322 after finishing the download it shows that the downloaded jar file is unsupported but my phone is based on java so what to do for updating my java and does it have any other solution ?

Can u pls tell me from which site i download opera 5.1 or 4.2, I have samsung chat C3222 but opera is not woking in my fone

can you plis give detail on how to update phones software!!

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