Oct 19, 2011

How To Use Samsung Phone As a Modem

With Samsung PC Studio, kies or any related software we can make a connection wizard so the phone can be used as a modem easily.
But if that doesn't work, there is another way to set it using connection wizard through control panel menu (on the computer with windows operating system). This steps can be applied for samsung phone which use samsung proprietary operating system.

Steps below :

1. We need to install the device driver, so the phone modem can be detected on the computer. The driver is included in the software named Samsung PC studio, KIES depend on the type of the phone. We can get the driver from the cd that is included on the sales package or download it from samsung official site at  When opening samsung official site try to find the type of your phone, go to support page download center and get the latest drivers.

2. Connect the phone to computer using data cable. Make sure that the phone is not on the storage mode by checking it at the usb connection setting menu. Turn off the bluetooth connection, and also make sure if the phone is not connected to the PC studio software (close the PC Studio software).

3. Go to computer properties by right clicking "My Computer" icon, go to  "Hardware--Device Manager--Modem". If the modem is successfuly installed, it will shows "Samsung Mobile Modem".

modem step1

Right clicking on the "samsung mobile modem" then go to advanced option, fill the extra initialization command with this command :  at+cgdcont=1,"ip","APN"
The Acces Point Name (APN)  is the access point of the ISP (Internet Service Provider) that we use.
For axample if i use "telkomsel" (one of telecommunication services provider in Indonesia) so the APN is "internet"  and the command will be : at+cgdcont=1,"ip","internet"

modem step2

4. Go to control panel, select Network Connections---Create a New Connection, then follow the instruction. Click next. There will be several options that we have to choose

modem step3

modem step4

modem step3

modem step6

When we are asked to fill the ISP name, we can fill it with "My Connection", or anything else as we like.

modem step7

The phone number for GSM dial up modem is *99***1#

modem step8

User name and password are depend on the GSM Provider that we use.
For example if i use telkomsel provider, then it will be
username : wap
password : wap123
Some providers do not use username and password, so we can leave it blank.
Ask your provider's customer service if you dont know about it.

modem step9

modem step10

When the setting have been finished, then click dial.

modem step11

If it work, we will see the new connection is "connected" as the picture below :

modem step12


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